Wednesday, March 13th 2013

Today we talked about the Water Cycle. This is quite a lively discussion and rather fun to make them say each name of the different aspect of the cycle: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, and Collection. It is almost as much fun as hearing Miss Liz having the kids say “Symmetrical” and “Asymmetrical” and then forming each of those shapes with their bodies.

We also made books about the water cycle and pots’ o’ gold with a rainbow. Bella introduced me to a new song about the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green. Indigo, Violet. It was some tune that I could not replicate now, but I need to learn it because it obviously stuck in her head. We also made clovers out of green pepper stamps. Very cool Miss Heidi!

Music was lively. We read the Itsy Bitsy Spider, which also has aspects of the water cycle (might be a stretch but it worked). The students listened for Up and Down and played them on the instruments or if they were the spiders, made Up/Down shapes with their bodies and scarves. We also did “We are the Dinosaurs” for the first time ever with instruments. I have to say it was quite a hit. We may be doing it for Spring Program. The last song we did was a song about leprechauns marching on the ceiling and the floor, listening for their cue on when to play their instruments.

Thanks to Bella’s mom for the popcorn and carrots with greek yogurt ranch. Yum!

Photos of the Day: Nature vs. Nurture? Cooper made a “Water Gun” or “Cheeseburger Gun” (we’ve been trying to put an end to constructing guns but my word, they’ll make em’ out of anything) and Rory drew a beautiful princess. Hmmmm…..