March 14th, 2013

Today we continued our Water Cycle discussion and St. Paddy Day themed projects such as the Today I let the little ones create their own water cycle pictures. Some are quite creative I must admit, but try to get your child to discuss their pictures with you at home or have them replicate them. Talk about the the sun heating up the water to make clouds and the clouds getting so heavy that they create rain, and the rain collecting in ponds and lakes.

Our book today was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Miss Astara was sick today so we had extra music time.Our music today was fun. The song was:
The Raindrops fell from the sky so high
Pitter Pat, Pat, Pat.
Pitter Pat, Pat, Pat.

I made up my own chant to the end of the song that we played on instruments about the water cycle:
The raindrops gather in the lakes and the sea.
The sun heats them up and then they fall on me!

I know I’m brilliant. Each of the children had to play a different part of the song. We’ve had a few of the children decide to be the conductor of each song. It is pretty funny to watch them direct the other kids.

We also sang our song about the leprechauns marching down the hall, on the ceilings and the walls.

Snack: Graham Crackers and cheese sticks

Outside Time: We pulled out a big container with water and another with sand. They blazed new trails and some got really dirty and wet. Always remember to pack those extra clothes!