March 18th, 2013

“Today went fast!” Thomas made that statement and it was totally accurate. We don’t know where the day went. We started the day making Underwater or Underground pictures with U’s. I also had out all of the spirographs, which are quite challenging even for the 5’s. By the time I had some of them working it was off to dance.

Miss Liz talked about relationships today. Our relationship spatially to other people, our relationship to our bodies (where our hands are in relationship to our heads, etc.) and our bodies relationship to objects. We got to visit the museum of shapes where one group finds a space to make a shape and freeze with their body while the others travel through the space and observe the shapes and find a relationship to the shapes. This is one activity the kids could do for hours, or at least 20 minutes.

Since we were talking about the sea and under the sea, we did one of my favorites songs by Lynn Kleiner, “The Ship Goes Sailing.” I use this one at least twice a year. It’s a fun but challenging song because the kids have to listen for sounds cues of when to play and what to play. The drummers have to wait for their cue, which is hard enough. Then to only get to play one little bit…..unbearable. Also, the mallet instruments have to listen for up and down the scale. It is a good lesson in self control and the end product is a neat, short musical story. The chant is:

The ship goes sailing on the sea,
It sails for you, it sails for me.
The waves go up and the waves go down.
The waves go rolling all around
and the ship…..the ship

We repeat this whole chant 3 times before the ship actually sinks, the part the kids love the most.

Here are some great photos from the St. Paddy’s Day Parade last Friday. If you have anymore send them to me and I’ll post: