March 19th, 2013

Today was an adventure in bubble blowing. We mixed bubbles with blue food coloring and the kids blew the bubbles and put their papers on top. The goal was to make rainy looking picture with colorful umbrellas made out of pipe cleaner and coffee filters. Many mastered it but there were a couple who accidentally sucked in and got a mouthful of bubbles….ew So we learned for the next group that we need to provide a lesson prior to the actual blowing of bubbles.

We read Snug as a Bug which provided many, many opportunities to make our Umber Umbrella Bird motions because of how many “u” sounds were in the book. We then talked about where they would sleep if they were a bug. We got…..”Gorilla Toes, Under Rocks, and….. in the Toilet”. Hmmm, bugs do live in interesting places.

We also talked about all of our hard workers, the vowels. They work soooooo hard because they make many different sounds. Talk to your child this week about the different sounds each vowel makes.

Here are some pictures: