March 20, 2013

Capitalism was a lesson that we didn’t intend teaching today, but somehow creeped into the day. We talked about finishing some of our art projects for the Art Auction coming up. The kids were curious what an art auction was so we discussed it. All of a sudden, kids were making art projects just to sell. Cooper “I’m gonna sell this for $50”, Nigel “how do you spell, Buy This Now Before it’s Gone, Max “This is going to be $400!” We tossed around the idea of having the kids do their own auction with fake money as a fun, hands on, math activity.

In Circle Time we played a game of putting numbers in order and talked about what numbers came before other numbers. We also talked in depth about the “u” sound. The kids at this point are pretty savvy about what the letter and sounds are. Almost every child came up with a good word that had the “u” sound in it. We also read Bugsy’s Very Buggy Day, Snug as a Bug, and Bug in a Mug. The kids were encouraged to make pictures of where they might sleep, if they were a bug. If your child made one of these books, ask them about their pictures. We also sang this song:

Good Night, Sleep Tight,
Don’t you let those Beddy Bugs bite
Pleasant dreams till morning light!

We saw and heard some seriously creative books. “In a clean sock” (clean since we were encouraging them not to get gross), “In a mossy bed with leaves for blankets”, “In my dad’s coffee mug” (I think that was Marley during circle time).

Since today was the first day of spring, we finished our spring painting let the kids add flower stamps to it. Every child got to also put their thumbprint fish on our Underwater School of Fish picture today. It’s really cute.

We did let the children go outside today despite the rain. It was very fun for them since the sand was so wet. They decided to make “Beer” in the wagon by filling the wagon with the sand and some of the water from the puddles. We encouraged them to make lemonade but they were intent that it was beer. Geez you parents:)

Snack: fruit leather, crackers and cheese sticks.