March 21st, 2013

Well, I was sick today so the Magical Mr. Tom came in and subbed. I swear when he comes in for me, the kids are talking about him weeks! He’s like the rock star of preschool.

He and Miss Melissa had the kids listen to parts of Fantasia and created a drama with Night on Bald Mountain. The kids were sleeping dragons that took flight as the music intensified. The had to sleep when the music got slower. The kids really took on the roles of the dragons and participated well listening for the sound cues in the music.

They also did an group story/ art project. One person began a story with a piece of paper that had a blank body on it. Each person was responsible for telling part of the story and drawing it on the body. Izabella’s part of the story involved the figure having super powers in her nails so she drew really long fingernails. Kelwyn drew a protective armor of bacteria that repelled the enemy. Nivaran drew a double mustache man. These are the story-tellers of the future!

They talked about shapes in circle time, did a pattern race and read don’t eat the teacher!

Centers included tangrams, water colors, light table with magnets. They had great dramatic play with a self-constructed fire station.

They tried to go outside today when it wasn’t raining. Yep, it’s spring.