March 22nd, 2013

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Jackson’s Picture                                            Zoe’s Picture

Today we started our day by coloring and cutting out triangles, squares and circles. The children first colored all “like” shapes the same color, then used scissors to cut them out and finally organized them from largest to smallest.

Nigel and Tyler became enthralled on the subject of which animal was the biggest and fiercest of all time. Nigel thought it was the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tyler said it was the Megalodon Shark – they sat at one of our tables like two longtime friends sharing a coffee and discussed this for a good half hour! Hilarious.

Outside time today was spent with photo-sensitive paper, choosing shapes and letting the sun bleach the images onto the squares – I think we will incorporate these into the art auction as they turned out quite well.

Lunch and sharing time are always good times for songs and great discussions.

Once again the children chose to listen to the “Fantasia” soundtrack and dance to Tchaikovsky’s “Russian Dance”….over…and over….and over….and over. Did I mention they REALLY enjoy that one? Melissa and I laughed out loud when we saw Cooper and Jackson with hands on hips spinning around on one foot…sheer genius!