March 25th, 2013

Dance Relationships:








We also had new flubber.  By the way, if this gets on clothes, it comes out with vinegar and water.


We also made up our own stories.  Tyler, Nigel, and Cooper made up one that goes like this:

Once upon a time there was a dragon.  This dragon was so lonely that he flew away to find a friend.  Along the way he found some magical blue crystals that he shot at another dragon that turned him into a 2 headed dragon.  They hugged.  The hug then turned him into a 3 headed dragon.  The other dragon thought that the 3 headed dragon had burned down his home but they talked about it and found out that he didn’t.  They then shook hands.  The end.

IMG_3234 IMG_3238

Jackson then came along and started making his own story about an alien.  I told them they could work on these stories the whole week.

Music time and snack was outside since it was so beautiful.  We celebrated Sam’s 5th birthday with cupcakes that his dad brought from treat and at trail mix that Eileen had given us.

We set up all the instruments outside and played some of our favorites.  The only difference was that they had to watch the conductor.  We used green and red scarves and played red light green light while improving our own songs.  I have to say it was very effective although it was so beautiful outside that their interest was only for a good 20 minutes.  Oh well.  It was fun to play in the open air!

MIss Heidi worked inside with the kids making volcanoes with salt dough.  We are going to set them all off on Friday.