March 28th, 2013

Today was jam packed full of events.  We started out doing centers in one room and pictures in the other.  Our centers included making volcanoes with hot lava, dinosaurs and plants (red sand worked great for the lava), geo boards (rubber band boards great for fine motor control), color sorting with blocks and plastic teddies, chalk drawing with individual chalk boards and full table drawing with butcher paper.

We sang a fun circle game song that had each child sing a certain pattern if they got the ball.  It is a good song for teaching the so, mi, la, so, mi.  This pattern is common in many children’s songs and by repeating the song so frequently in this game, they get a lot of practice in pitch recognition and get to have fun showing off singing alone.  This game is always a hit.

After going outside and having snack (snap peas, raisins, and a fruit bar) we got to listen to our special guest from the Portland Opera today.  She sang two songs, O mio babbino caro, and Chacun le sait.  They were a perfect contrast.  One was sad and slow and the other was happy and fast.  The kids got to give there opinions of the songs, whether they were happy or sad or whatever other expression they had.  My favorite was Ryland’s.  “That made me angry”.  I think he was referring the high note that was so loud at the end:)  The kids were very attentive and a great audience.  Next artist we have coming is a flute player!!

We also had yoga today and talked about bats and made our own bats out of paper plates.

Have a great Spring Break!!