April 9th, 2013

Hope everyone had a great spring break!  It seems everyone was well-rested and had much energy. Yesterday we danced out all of our energy at Columbia dance.  Our favorite dance was having to form groups of 3, then 6, then 9, then all of us.  It was the most-focused dance we have ever done.  First they danced alone, then when the music changed, they had to find partners or groups to dance with.  Very cool, very cooperative.  I was very proud of those little ones.

Centers this week have been group watercolors(one large piece of paper that students can add pictures too at a whim), whacky puppets (their own puppets using ribbon, crepe paper, glitter glue, buttons, foam core, and whatever materials available in the art room), blocks, and stencils.

Group activity – making weather.  We’ve talked a lot about the rain cycle already, but Miss Heidi had a great project that we just had to do.  First, we poured water into a jar, topped it off with shaving cream, then poured blue food coloring over the top.  We then talked about how heavy the clouds get and when they are so heavy, it starts to rain.  We watched as the heaviness of the dye moved through the shaving cream and exploded into the water.  Here are some great pictures:


IMG_3330 IMG_3337

We also got to make our own Weather crafts with yarn.  First we dipped string in a combo of glue and water then wrapped it around balloons to either make suns, clouds, or raindrops.  We also made designs on wax paper.  Can’t wait to see what they look like dry!!

Today we talked about Willie the Weasel and reviewed all of the sounds and signals we have learned so far.  Music time we sang, dance and acted “There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe”,”Weather the Whether”, and “Willoughby Wallaby Woo”.


On Monday we had granola and pumpkin bars and on Tuesday we had Waffles and Watermelon.

Remember….our Art Auction is coming up on May 3rd.  Hope you all can come!!