April 10th, 2013

Today’s craft of making a web with dots using little bingo markers and connecting with black crayons was really cool.  Each web was different and beautiful.  I was actually amazed at the outcome.  Check it out:

We also made a big web in circle time:


Centers also included putting letters and pictures on a magnet board and finding which sound went with which word and decorating big wings.

We started singing There was an old Woman who swallowed a fly.  We’re considering this for the end of the year concert.  We also sang Whether the Weather, listening for sound cues and Boa Constrictor since we’re reading The Boa Ate the Wash.

Snack: Waffles, Watermelon, and Apples.  Thanks to parents who have been bringing in snack.  If we don’t use it on the day you bring it, we definitely use it the next day.  It is VERY helpful to us:)