April 15th, 2013

Today we outlined our hands and painted them in with black paint.  By the time we are done with dance today they will be dry and we will make x-ray fish!!  We also decorated our x’s with glitter, painted with watercolors and drew maps (x marks the spot).  Map-making has been huge in the class.  They love drawing pictures of their surroundings and hiding things for each other to find.

We will be planting our own seeds today in order to plant them in a couple of weeks. Over the weekend we went to Fred Meyers for their annual plant sale and loaded up on potting soil and fushia’s.  We will be planting tomato plants, peas, and whatever else the kids decide on today.

We read Alphabet Explosion.  In this class we are prepping the kids to recognize their alphabet out of order and taking away the zoo-phonics characters.  The goal is that they understand every letter and sound by kindergarten.  I made a file-folder game with all the zoophonics characters out of order. I’m working individually with the kids to see if they can match up the plain letter with the zoo-phonics letter.

In dance we talked about on and off balance and using tummy muscles to keep ourselves on balance.  Many of the activities included leaping and holding balance on one foot.

In music we are prepping for our end of the year performance.  The older kids this year are performing Anansi the spider, an Ashanti tale.  We are also singing their was an old lady who swallowed a fly to help the T/Th class with their play.