April 16th, 2013

Today we worked on X-fish as well, outlining hands and filling them in with black and making bones out of q-tips and glue.  Painting with the finer brushes is great for those little hands learning to write letters.

We spent some time outside putting soil in planter boxes, digging holes and planting seeds. The girls told me that they would take turns singing to the flowers and watering them so they could grow big and strong.

During circle time we made use of the call-out cards and musical triangles. We decided that one “ding” on the triangle meant we rolled a ball to someone across the room. Two “dings” meant we all had to touch our foreheads to the floor. Three meant we all stood up and jumped three times; and four meant we blinked twice! We were amazed at how well the kids listened and how accurate they were with their skills.


For snack we had granola, edamame and little cupcakes brought to us by Bree for Kelwyn’s birthday.