April 22nd, 2013

There is nothing better than a sunny day in preschool.  Our seedlings are starting to grow Ronan noticed today.  I’m sure tomorrow they will be even bigger.  Probably ready to plant by next week.

Today we had torn apart yo-yos available on the table over a large piece of butcher paper. We traced them and then colored them however we wanted to make different pictures.  We also made yarn stars.  This is always a challenge since winding the string is hard for uncoordinated little hands.  It requires wrapping and weaving each popsicle stick (several which are glued together to form a star) or weaving over and under each popsicle stick.  The pattern if done correctly looks pretty cool.  Here are a couple:

IMG_3377 IMG_3378

At circle time we talked about Earth Day and had to each say what we loved about our earth.  I heard trees from Jackson, water from Zoe, and Santa from Thomas.  I loooooove circle time.  I always hear the best ideas and answers.  We also read an X,Y, Z book and just talked about our last three letters.  Next week we end our alphabet and then what?!!  Lots of fun-filled game review.

Snack was graham crackers and homemade apple sauce.

After outside time we had music and a small group activity.  In music we learned another folk dance about the Millwheel and incorporated the instruments, listening to the form and when they were supposed to play, and when not.  We chose to use the rainstick and metal instrument for the water, and sticks and cabasa for the Click, Click, Clack of the wheel.  Folk dances are so wonderful in so many ways.  Because of the simplicity the kids are able to sing, dance, and play them successfully.  The stop and go of actions help the kids learn self-control.

Miss Rebecca was here today since Miss Heidi is out of town.  She reread the book Do You Know Which Things Grow a small group?  We didn’t get to finish this activity last week so we finished today.  They took quite a bit of time talking about what the kids wanted to draw in their own book that could or could not grow.  Some drew kitties that grew into cats, princesses that grow into queens, and dinosaurs that cannot grow into firetrucks.