March 24th and 25th, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday have both been beautiful days.  We started both days outside. I was concerned this would throw them out of their routine and perhaps distract them but surprisingly, they were more focused.  Maybe not surprisingly.  The sun has that great vitamin D we need for all sorts of goodness.

Mr. Tom made a new water feature that we will be adding to .  We’re hoping to do something similar, although not as extravagent, as the Children’s Museum.  We went to the Rebuild It Center and purchased a couple of sinks that will be flowing into each other.  One is already set up next to the water pump.

Yesterday we had spirographs, tangrams, magnets, and a word building table with stamps and letter recognition dice rolling game out for centers.



The dice rolling game was about planting trees, which was appropriate for earth day, which we talked talked about in circle time.  Here is Alexander’s drawing of Earth:


Today we had lacing boards, magnets, a big drawing station, a felt board house, and monkey magnet board with shape match-up.

Yesterday and we sang the Saran Rap, and danced 3 folk dances with instruments, and sang a rhyme practicing syllable differentiation while the other group made Yaks.  Today the kids made yellow yarn block prints and added hand prints to one our group art project while the other group did yoga story-telling.

IMG_3418 IMG_3424



Just for the heck of it, here is Jackson’s drawing of a knight.



We popped fresh popcorn in our popcorn maker and ate cheese sticks outside today and ate cucumbers, peppers, apples, graham crackers and cheese sticks yesterday.