April 29th, 2013

Mondays are always fun since we get to go to dance at Columbia Dance.  Today was our invitation to join Columbia Dance in their end of the year program on June 9th at the Durst Theater in the Vancouver School of the Arts from 2:10 – 2:30.  They are providing leoards for the girls and boys need to wear black or navy pants with a white t-shirt.  Admission is $12 for adults and $5 for children.

We started the day outside again brought them inside to talk about what they did over the weekend and what they would be doing for the day.  We had centers open with black paint and paper on one table to draw their own zebras and zig-zags,  wiki sticks, and stencils.  I left the roll the dice game out since they played it last week but they really didn’t want to do it today. Rory and Ronan also played the piano for us since they both participated in the piano recital this weekend at the Brickhouse.

At dance they got to create their own dance leaps, learned how to be an attentive audience, and learned what song they would be dancing to at the Durst.

In Music we danced the Zulu Warrior Dance and sang At the Zoo, a phonics song listening for the beginning sounds of animals at the zoo.  It was a piggy-back song sung to The Farmer in the Dell. After music we made Zeke the Zebras, which were very colorful.  We’re going to do this activity with the other class tomorrow.  Check out some pictures from the day:

IMG_3451 IMG_3449IMG_3447IMG_3452 IMG_3448