April 30th, 2013

Yesterday was pizza day.  We struggled with snack ideas and although the double “z” sound in Italian is “ts” we thought pizzas would be fun nonetheless.  We’ll just think of it as a cultural experience:)  The kids got to assemble their individual pizzas during center time.  We also had out a center of cutting and making their own zig-zags.  It sort of came out as just a creative project of making a picture of whatever they wanted.   We’ll throw out scissors and paper and glue and let them go to town.  I was sitting there with Ryland, who is a young three, at the center and he created this elaborate picture of his house with a sun and grass.  He even drew his family in this picture.  It was very cool as his teacher to see because I hadn’t seen him express himself quite like this yet.

We also had out playdough, a common morning center.  The kids made plateful after plateful of cookies and food.  We also had out a geo boards.  Nivaran made the most amazing picture with the rubber bands. He spent the most part of center time doing it. The most important thing during center time is that the kids find an engaging activity and participate in it for a good amount of time.  It means they are focused and are learning self-control and follow-thru.

Circle time was fun.  We read a book about wild animals.  Zeke the Zebra was the star so we started talking about him and how his stripes protect him in the wild.  We then did a phonics song about animals.  Each of the kids got to sing about their favorite wild animal.  We also sang a song called, The Monkey from Zamboanga and The Zulu War Chant.  Last night while my son was drawing he burst out into the Zulu War Chant and we had to dance it and sing it for a while.  That darn song gets stuck in my head.

We ended the day with starting some pictures of Zebras and will finish them on Thursday.