May 2nd, 2013

Today after a brief outside gathering, we came in and had circle time.  I realize how ingrained their routine is when they ask as we are going in at the beginning of the day from outside time if it’s snack time.

At circle time we sang our hello song following by another popular hello song, Wibbly, Wobbly _________(fill in your child’s name here).  We always alter it with different consonants we may be learning.  Today we did Zibbly Zobbly.  They consistently giggle maniacally when it’s their name.  This is when I know I’ve found a successful song.  We read “I Know A Rhino” by Charles Fuge.  It is full of rhyme, steady beat,  big bold black print for group reading and practicing our left to right reading, and lots of our zoo-phonics critters.  Every time we came to a big bold word, we all did the sound and sign.

Today at centers, I pulled out some mega geo boards that are meant for yarn and crocheting (I think) and we used the rubber bands to loop around.  That was verrrrry successful.  The kids swarmed around it like moths to light.  We also made number 10’s gluing construction paper 10’s to the plates and adding 10 objects to the plate.  I have this great bucket full of different buttons, jewels and just small scrap-booking supplies.  Not only was it fun to glue and count, but also fun to sift through all of the fabulous treasures.  We also had a colored macaroni sorting and necklace making station as well as a shape-matching station.

After snack of pineapple, pretzels, and applesauce,  the kids had yoga and did call-out cards with mister tom and finished putting stripes and hair and tails on their Zebras.  Kids that were finished got to play bingo with me.  Cooper and Max took turns calling the signs and sounds of the letters on the cards.  Then, of course, they went outside. Hurray for sunshine!!