May Day, May 1st!!

Yesterday was beautiful, although started cloudy. We still played outside and planted our veggies.

Centers were new dinosaur magnets, a whole bunch of re-usable sticker word books found at Lil’ Dudes and Divas (a consignment shop down the street from us) drawing with our oil pastels, and cutting and pasting stripes and zig-zags.  I made a striped present and pretty soon everyone was making a present, either drawing or cutting.  Sometimes I hesitate doing an example because I want it to be a more organic project, but sometimes I guess it’s just good they are cutting, glueing, drawing and creating.

We did re-enforced some of the concepts in music class singing our wild-animal beginning sounds such as “p” for panther.  We also sang all of our folk songs we have been learning.  Some of the kids have been playing C-G bordun on the low big instruments beats while others chose drums to keep our beat during the folks.  On certain parts of the songs they may do a glissando up and down movement on each key to represent a certain sound effect on typically the B section of the music.

We also read Z Goes Home by Jon Agee.  Each page is dedicated to a certain letter and word.  At first glance you may not know that you are looking at an “F” because it represented by a factory. The “z’ is hiding in every page on it’s way home.  Very cute book.  On Friday we are going to read it again and find a way to make our own letter art in drawing.  Very ambitious I know, but I don’t put anything past these kids anymore.

Again, we had pizzas that the kids had made as part of center time.  Nothing more challenging for a teacher trying to be good than a preschool smelling like pizza.