Revenge of the Sixth, 2013

Today we read I Stink!, a book about a garbage truck and what happens to the garbage.  The kids found it especially amusing because it mentions dirty underpants and puppy poo.  We talked about where the garbage goes and more about recycling.  We cut out a tree out of cardboard and talked about how we could re-use the garbage by making art out the it.  The kids got to find trash during the day and glue it to the tree.  We will paint it at the end of the week and add it to the wall.  I wish I could take ownership of this art project but we saw it at the Children’s Museum in Portland.

We also had garbage games that the kids were chosen to come and play with me while the others worked at other centers. We had a memory game of different cards of pictures of garbage trucks, recycling, pictures of garbage.  There was also a pattern game of the same pictures.  We also had 20 garbage trucks they got to put in order and a recycling symbol that was made into 8 different sizes.  The kids were challenged to put them in order from smallest to largest. We’re going to continue these games throughout the week.

The kids are learning their new dance for our show on June 9th at the Durst.  They are sooooo incredibly attentive during this dance because the music challenges their ear and self-control.  Miss Liz is the best!!  We then came back and ate snack outside, planted some more plants and found more garbage.  The kids also carried around journals and were drawing pictures of the plants outside.  It was something we did on Friday.  It left such an impact that 2 of the kids brought their own journals from home and several more asked for paper to staple together and make their own.

Mother’s Day Tea is on Thursday and Friday from 11:30 – 12:30.  Mother’s will be celebrated and served lemonade and iced tea.  Should be fun!!