May 7th, 2013

Mother’s Day celebrations are right around the corner so we worked on our Sakura paintings today.  The Sakura are cherry blossom trees that are beautiful.


We used fabrics swatches that a former students mom had donated to us this year.  I cut them in half.  The top half had rivets so I save it.  After the kids had painted their trees using paint brushes for the trunks and their fingertips for the blossoms, I super glued it to the piece with the rivets.  We put a tree branch through the two rivets and it made a perfect wall hanging.

Our group also read I Stink!  The small group activities were creating and finishing patterns while the others worked on gluing more pieces of litter onto our recycle tree the older kids started yesterday. The difference between yesterday and today was the game it turned into.  Nivaran made a rule to the game that if you found a piece of garbage you had to say “I Stink”.  Pretty soon I heard it throughout the playground. Kelwyn and Ronan then made the tricycles the garbage trucks.  They put glue containers on the backs of their tricycles  and drove around the yard looking for garbage to come and drop off at the tree.  It was hilarious.

During music we worked on three songs that we’ve sung throughout the year to perform on the stage for the Mother’s tea.  They were awesome!  I hope they do as well at the tea.  I never, ever know what’s going to happen:)

Snack was cheese sticks and crackers today.  The kids drank tons of water as well since it was so hot.  Be sure to put sun lotion on your kids. Some of our normal activities that are inside have been outside these days since it is so beautiful.