Harold and the Purple Crayon

I’m really enjoying this unit!! This book about Harold who uses a purple crayon to create an adventure that leads him back to his bed, is a wonderful way to encourage creativity and imagination.  We read the book and the kids were asked at the end to close their eyes and find a story they wanted to tell with their purple crayons.  They were then allowed to go and draw their ideas, paint with red and blue to discover purple, or sort buttons onto plates of blue, red, and purple.  It was so quiet for the first twenty minutes!!

We also got to discover our freshened up playground (lots of new bark, paint, shoveled rocks, and newly built entryway to our garden, oh….and a come inside gong!).

Lunchtime were purple grapes, red strawberries, and half of a homemade snicker doodle.

We are now in the process of putting together our end of the year performances for dance class and our potluck on June 18th.  The kids will be performing on our little stage.  We are doing the story of Kwaku Anansi in the M/W/F and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly in the T/Th along some other songs that we will be performing

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