The 5 Senses

This week we have been focusing on the 5 senses. I always love this unit because I get to pull out my smelly bottles and have the kids either guess what the smells are and draw pictures of their predictions or get a partner (usually with the older kids) and draw what their faces look like when they sniff each.  The faces are pretty hilarious.  It’s a also a fun way for them to write their numbers on the bottles without them knowing they are working on handwriting.

We also passed around a box with a surprise scent.  The kids had to give a thumbs up or down if they liked it.  We then made a graph of who liked it or didn’t and talked about if there were more or less people who liked the smell.

Another fun activity was making smelly flowers by letting the kids cut out stems and petals or draw them using the markers, gluing on a muffin wrapper, putting a cotton ball in the middle and putting some sort of flowery scent on it, usually air freshener or perfume.  We used lavender oil and air freshener this time.  The kids loved it!

Today we also talked about what we see with our eyes.  We took magnifying glasses and had to find 8 differences in two pictures and circle or color them.  We also found the most beautiful things we liked to see in a magazine and cut them out and put them on a paper that said “I can see __________with my eyes”.  Miss Melissa sat with them to discuss and write what they saw.

We sang a piggy back song today to the tune of Did You Ever See a Lassie, but it included things that we see or hear with our eyes and ears.  We also practiced all of our plays and songs for the upcoming end of the year performance and Dad’s Day celebration.

Snack this week was popcorn on Monday, toasted cheese with oranges and carrots on Tuesday, and cream cheese and jam sandwiches with bananas today.