We decided to do communication as one of our end of the year themes.  In part it was because I was given a bunch of floor model cell phones from Best Buy.  I thought, what a great time to learn our phone numbers.

We started the day by with a little outdoor time as usual and then gathered for circle time.  A lot of us had been gone over the weekend for the holiday so we passed our ball and got to discuss our weekend. Some of us had been camping and some of us to the beach.  I then talked about our weekly theme.  I asked the kids what communication was and the different ways we communicate and I heard some very unexpected answers.  The first answer was “Texting” by Cooper.  I realized very soon that we are in a new world from when I was in preschool.  Today I heard “Tablet” by Sam.  Pretty soon the kids were discussing that the tablet was a smaller version of an Ipad and then we started talking about whose parent had a tablet.  Of course, I encouraged the list to continue and prompted “talking”, “body language”, and “sign language”. There is so much information in this unit that circle time could really have gone on for quite some time.

We read “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket” by Dr. Seuss.  I let them fill in the rhyme and they were able to successfully do it.  Most of them had this book at home and had remembered the answers.  We then played a rhyme game.  I had a funnel that we spoke into as a phone.  The small end went close to one ear and they talked in through the funnel cone.  I gave one word and they had to rhyme it all the way around the circle.  I’m pretty sure we never got it all the way around, but it sure was a good discussion of rhyming for sure.

This unit has been a good time to learn numbers.  We had all the kids look at their own phone numbers and match them up on our big phone keypad. We then had those that could write their numbers try to do so.  Since it was their phone number, they had ownership and excitement in having to write it or punch it in.  Many of the kids had their phone numbers already memorized from work at home.  Those that did not we tried to use beat and song as a way to help memory.  It is the way I got through college so why not help preschoolers learn this way as well!!  If it is a fun game, they’ll be more than willing to do it.

Snack yesterday were Cheese crackers.  Today we had mango, strawberry cream cheese, and bagels.  Thanks to families who provided snack!!

Since it rained so much today, we pulled out the clay and new blue sparkly playdough.  Here are some creations.

clay ronanmermaid blue clay mermaid